A professional meeting place for all pharmacy technicians involved and with an interest in antimicrobial stewardship

AMS Pharmacy Technician Network

Invites have been sent, if you have not received an invite please let myself or Vikki Connell know.
Agenda items:
  1. New business
    1. Training course for AMS techs- An update on training courses available for AMS techs and future planning of courses.
    2. POD CASTS – Update to group on what’s available
    3. AMS projects and learning in general– What has everyone been getting involved in and what is the effect or planned effect that these ideas will have
    4. AMS tech forum– Update the group on this forum – BSAC AMS Pharmacy technician forum and how to access/use it.
  2. Bite sized training session:

Short training sessions- this meeting we will have a talk from an Antifungals Pharmacist